Connecting Companies

“connect” valuable companies with the UAE market

Know our company and how we can help you


Konectum was established in Dubai in January 2017

Since then, Konectum has developed the necessary network and participated in a high number of initiatives, including the period of EXPO2020 in Dubai and other different events and challenges

Konectum can, after understanding your exact needs, identify the correct Field to efficiently present your portfolio and solutions


Ciber Security, Physical Security, e-crime, Airport&Ports Security, Innovation and other areas of interest can be developed and implemented along with local authorities


Stunning Real State properties are of interest,not only from the living or investment point of view, but also as a vehicle to European Residence.
Konectum Real State Seccion connect potential buyers with property owners and also coordinates the legal framework when Visas or Residences are part of the scope


Booming of Sports within the UAE brings opportunities for collaborations,Events and different kinds of operations related to Sport activities, Competitions etc Konectum connects with Federations, Institutions, Venues and other stakeholders to maximize results

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